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The Exhibition

For 7 years, Alain Rivière-Lecœur has dedicated his work to living pictures made of bodies that he sculpts and shapes.

With "Earth Bodies" he freezes his flesh models in a clay that seems, as in Genesis, to have given them birth. The abandonment and tenderness of these entangled bodies that have become mineral, these lowered eyelids, the grace of these organized disorders draw a striking image. That of a humanity that has become beautiful and finally harmonious through its silent consent to be one with the earth.

In "Stone Bodies" the bodies are welded, sculpted photographically in the rock. The stone gives birth to humans, naked mineralized bodies. Suspended in amniotic pockets, ready to extract themselves from the terrestrial uterine gallery.

With "The Descent from the Cross" he asks himself: What if Jesus was a woman?
This work is not intended to be blasphemous. It evokes injustice, intolerance, feminism, female slavery, abuse and demands social justice.

Alain Rivière-Lecœur

Alain Rivière-Lecœur, French-American photographer, studied photography and cinema in Vincennes and began his career as a photographer in New York where he collaborated with the portraitist Hans Namuth. We him he learned the rigor and importance of detail. He also collaborated with the stylist Don Sagramoso with whom he developed the effects of texture and matter. He made him understand that there is always a material that must be brought to life, to be felt through the lens.
For six years he ran his own advertising studio in New York, before returning to Paris. At the same time he continued his personal research, notably on painting and movement, always through images. Photography, as a major art form, remains at the center of his concerns. His many encounters with artists from all horizons and his diverse experiences - as a traveler, reporter, advertising photographer, ceramist and lover of dance and movement - have allowed him to experiment and explore many fields through photography.
For the past 7 years, Alain Rivière-Lecœur has been involved in the projects "Earth Bodies " and "Stone Bodies" in which he shapes and sculpts bodies, frozen in their movement, revealed through the organic matter that surrounds them.
His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in France, the United States and China and has won him prestigious awards.

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