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"If I had to remember only one quote about photography, it would be Paul Strand's, inscribed at the opening of his exhibition at the Museum of American Art in Giverny, in 2006: I want to create great emotions from small things...

This sentence alone sums up everything I love about the images I have accumulated over the past 40 years, and it is always present in the work of the photographers I have had the honor and joy of knowing." Eric Boudry

This exhibition presents only a small part of the works offered for sale by Eric Boudry. More than a hundred prints, mostly vintages, by the great names in photography.

Eric Boudry

A lifelong photo enthusiast, Eric Boudry financed his studies by photographing concerts in northern France in the late 1970s.
When he arrived in Paris in the early 80's, he met Willy Ronis in the Ménilmontant district where he lived. This meeting, followed by many others, was for him a revelation of the treasures of humanist photography.
His quest for prints began at a time when galleries and salons hardly existed. This collection became invasive and Eric created the website to share this passion and to enlarge the circle of amateurs of this great and beautiful school of emotions and rigor.
Then, in 2015, he opens his Galerie Argentic, near rue Mouffetard, which he will close in 2021.

The Photographs

How to buy a photograph from the exhibition?

Most of the prints in this collection are "vintages" in various sizes - For more details please contact:
Jean-François Camp - - Tél.: +33 6 60 32 04 68
Annie Boulat - - Tél.: + 33 6 07 94 24 09
Eric Boudry - - Tél.: 33 6 08 90 51 33

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