Hugo de Catselbajac – « In The Open Sky’

The Exhibition

This series of diptychs presents a reflection of the photographer Hugo de Castlebajac. The personal expression of an individual projection which would like to be universal. It raises the question of the strength of art, and the transposition of reality as the artist perceives it. Aesthetic testament, these diptychs "in the open sky" nourish an intuitive dialogue between the eye and the spirit by the prism of our interior emotions. They offer us the exoticism of an immobile journey.

Hugo de Castelbajac tends towards minimalism and symmetry of forms. The photographer leaves the field free to the viewer and offers a very personal vision of lightness, in line with the main subject of his images: the sky.

From then on, everyone is free to give meaning to the duality of the photographs, or on the contrary to bring them together by giving in to simple aesthetic pleasure. In both cases, the ambition is to rediscover a forgotten element: the sky.

Hugo de Castelbajac

Hugo de Castelbajac was born in 1989. He lives and works in Lyon.

Hugo de Castelbajac's work clearly demonstrates that one can be perfectly self-taught and excel at producing a very personal statement through photography.
If his technique is impeccable, perfected by the long time of work in the darkroom, by the requirement of the developing baths and the slow rhythm of the silver process, the vision of the photographer is completely original.
It carries a certain melancholy that focuses on the ephemerality of a moment of grace, a fact that could be insignificant but that becomes precious once Hugo has laid eyes on it. All that remains is to capture this moment in the frame of his Rolleiflex, like a "squaring" of the moment, a shot always perfectly composed. Here the frame is even more important than the light. Only the essential is admitted, each element of the decor, each "actor" is in its place in the scene (almost theatrical or cinematographic) that unfolds before our eyes. The choice of black and white retains time, the silver technique leaves the doubt of timelessness. Present and past are photographed in a seamless series.

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