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The Exhibition

" This exhibition, 'Reflections, Projections, Symmetries', celebrates light, form and emotion captured in the moment.

By capturing light on a sensitive support, photography reveals a depth that goes beyond the visual, touching the imaginery. My images seek to capture the poetry of everyday life, blending geometric rigor with the play of light and reflections, evoking moments of intimacy sometimes inspired by the introspective atmosphere of Hopper's works.

Scenes captured through rain-beaded windows offer an impressionistic touch, blurring the boundary between reality and imagination. The collection features urban scenes, notably of Paris, peaceful still lifes, silhouettes and landscapes, and compositions in the rain, whose puddles create captivating symmetries.

This exhibition is not just a visual journey: it's also a commitment to charity. The works are sold in aid of ophthalmology research at the Foundation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital. Each photograph has been selected for its visual impact and decorative potential.

I invite you to dive into 'Reflections, Projections, Symmetries', to discover the subtle nuances and feel the emotion and beauty hidden in life's ordinary details."
Damien Gatinel

" As an ophthalmologist I have been dedicated to the clarity of vision and the finesse of perception. At the same time, as a visual artist, I use my camera as a tool to explore these same concepts."
Damien Gatinel

The Photographs

How to buy a photograph from the exhibition?

All the prints in this exhibition are digital prints won Baryta paper, frame with light oak. Edition of 30 , all formats
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