Alexis Duclos – « In the City »

The Exhibition

Alexis Duclos' work is artistic in nature. Here, the report on the event is anecdotal compared to the composition of the image. An aesthetic carries the entire project together for the exhibition. Obviously, the composition plays on perspective, parallels and ruptures.

These images exhale a singular poetry. They speak of life, all of life, even its fragility when one thinks of relaxing by the pool or indulging in a frantic, unbalanced tango.

Guessing without seeing, seeing and feeling, feeling in order to know.

Through the photographer, the chain that passes from the gaze to the emotion is an initiatory journey. We rediscover a part of ourselves, a buried experience.

The city of Alexis Duclos carries our memory. His city transforms it into an object of art.

Fabrice d’Almeida
Historian at the University of Paris Panthéon-Assas,
specialist in the history of images and media.

Alexis Duclos

Alexis Duclos began his career as a photographer at the Associated Press from 1981 to 1985 covering civil war in Beirut, food riots in Tunisia, drought in West Africa, and political and social life. In 1985, Alexis Duclos joined the staff of the Gamma agency. It was a long period rich in travels and filled with a variety of reports that would make him one of the most versatile agency photographers. His work included fashion, the Cannes Film Festival, Olympic Games, science, literature as well as the Ibalois mummies in the Philippines, the forced marriage of children in India, the famine in South Sudan or the condition of the mentally in the Ivory Coast, subject several times rewarded. Now independent, Alexis Duclos is also a cameraman/filmmaker. He works as a freelance cameraman with the American television channel NBC News as well as several other international media. He also taught as a professor in a Master's journalism class for one year at Sciences Po Paris. In 2021, he received the "Grand Prix" at the UNESCO International Sound Week Competition for his short film, "Paris. Spring 2020" produced during the Covid lockdown

The Photographs

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