Florence Joubert – « Guardians of Time »

The Exhibition

Guardians of Time questions the evolution science and the place of man in nature through the story of the daily life of the last 4 permanent residents of the Observatory of Mont Aigoual,at the top of the Cevennes. Resisting to the extreme climatic conditions of this mountain, and to the disappearance, meteorologists perpetuate the vocation of generations of characters who succeeded each other in fortress..
Today, technology refines scientific knowledge and give very precise forecasts. It has, therefore, transformed human expertise. Nowadays, the eyes look less at the sky than at the screen.
At The Aigoual, the human being still occupies a privileged place. The instruments of the park are regularly maintained, the scientists manage a test center in extreme conditions... And in the summer, in the exhibition
they prepared during the winter, they welcome the public to whom they explain the principles of forecasting.
But what intrigues the visitors, is mostly this lighthouse keeper’s way od life: How do you keep
How do you survive during the winter in this creaky building, buried under the snow or trapped by the wind?
The anecdotes are numerous, and become legends, enriched by archives
and old instruments lying dormant in the small museum.
Unfolding a sculptural gallery of portraits of these men and women, in dialogue with an Olympian landscape with a powerful atmospheric dimension, the story of the Guardians of Time borrows from mythology
the codes of a metaphorical and poetic representation of this world in disuse. The
guardians of time, adorned with their technical attributes, seem to manufacture the meteorological phenomena in the shelter of these thick centennial walls. Or do they summon them inside for a last dance?

Florence Joubert

Florence Joubert was born in Brest on January 24, 1978.
A graduate of ENSAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris), she works in the fields of architecture, heritage, and science, and explores the world of crafts.
She also regularly collaborates with the press (Polka, l'Obs, le Parisien Week-end, Zadig...)
and also publishes her travel stories in extreme latitudes, in photos and writings. Her favorite subjects, on the fringe of documentary, tell of places with a strong historical dimension and singular characters in close relationship with nature.
She regularly exhibits her work in festivals and galleries.
She is a member of the collective les Sismographes.
With her series on South Georgia, a subantarctic island, she joined the Observatoire Photographique des Pôles. Her images are distributed by SAIF Images, via the PI.NK. network (former Picturetank cooperative).
Florence Joubert is also a Fujifilm France ambassador.

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