« The city wakes up »

In collaboration with Artismagna Studio


The Exhibition

"After a year of cultural hibernation, the city is finally waking up, cafes and stores are opening, life is taking over.
In partnership with Galerie Artismagna Studio, we wanted to celebrate this special moment by showing you a glimpse of the capital as it was for almost 75 years, until this pandemic.
We have therefor called upon great names, mirroring contemporary creation : Roger Schall, historical photographer who covered the rise of Nazism, the Chanel fashion shows, or the charm of Montmartre ; Georges Martin, humanist in the tradition of Doisneau ; Pierre Boulat, the only French photographer of Life magazine ; Alexandra Boulat, renowned photojournalist and founder of the VII agency ; and also William Klein, an American who has lived in Paris since the 1950s, and who remains the only legendary photographer of the post-war generation.
Three young photographers, represented by ArtisMagna Sudio, will also be exhibited: Didier Fontan, Cliff Chan and Nicholas Simenon, whose views extend those of yesterday, They illustrate our city in full mutation."
Jean-Françios Camp

The Photographers

Roger Schall (1904-1995)
is one of the French photographers who had a profound impact on the 1930s. Born in Nancy, in a family of photographers, he first turned to drawing and caricature, then in 1918 began to work with his father. Ten years later, the arrival of the Leica and the Rolleiflex allowed him to satisfy his passion for the image taken in the moment. In 1931, he opened his own studio, with the result that he received a steady stream of orders from the press.
In 1939, the general mobilization puts an end to the activity of the agency. After the armistice, Roger Schall, demobilized and idle, rediscovers Paris, his favorite subject. He carefully hid his photographs of German-occupied Paris until the Liberation. They will be published in a collective work which will make date: "Paris under the boot of the Nazis".

Georges Martin (1906-1962)
Like Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis or Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Georges Martin, born on October 3, 1906 in Paris, was for more than 35 years, one of the most prolific photographers, to capture the moment, the smells, the impressions and the thousand small things of the life.
In addition to the numerous pictures of an urban Paris that has now disappeared, we owe him a large number of reports for the cinema and advertising.

Pierre Boulat (1924-1998)
Entered, in 19490, the National School of Photography and Cinema from which he graduated in 1943 as valedictorian. After the liberation, he started working in the Parisian press and in 1957 began with Life magazine a collaboration that would not end until the magazine closed in December 1972. In 1972, Pierre Boulat has the privilege to be chosen by Stanley Kubrick to realize all the background pictures for the first part of his movie "2001 Space Odyssey". ". After the closing of Life, Pierre Boulat collaborates as a freelance photographer with various French and foreign magazines.
Olivier Kaeppelin said about him: " His sensitivity to beings and the world allowed him to be immediately at the center of what he received: light, substance or character."

William Klein
is an American artist known for his unconventional abstract photography. Born on April 19, 1928 in New York, he studied painting and worked briefly as an assistant to Fernand Léger in Paris, and after 1954 concentrates on photography. The grain, the violence of the contrasts, the complex compositions, the decadence, the deformations, the movement of press photography became the elements of a voluntary approach. William Klein refuses documentary objectivity, and allows himself a bias that erases any distinction between the photographer and his subject.
A tireless surveyor of Parisian sidewalks, William Klein has captured the soul of his adopted city for over forty years. "Here, for a yes or a no, and often for a no, people go out. The city is theirs", he is still amazed.

Alexandra Boulat (1962-2007)
After studying graphic art and art history at the Beaux Arts de Paris, she began a career as a photojournalist in 1989, after 10 years of painting. Her news and magazine reports have been published in the most important magazines of the international press. She has covered current events, conflicts and social events, and has also produced reports on countries and a book on Paris for the National Geographic Society.
Alexandra Boulat is known for having, for nearly twenty years, captured poignant images of people affected by conflict but also realized a book on Paris for the National Geographic Society.
She has received numerous awards for the quality of her work,
and is known for having, for nearly twenty years, captured poignant images of people affected by conflict.

Didier Fontan
After graduating from the IDHEC in the directing and shooting section, Didier Fontan divides his professional activities between the realization of short films of cinema, institutional and advertising films, the recording of shows for television and illustration photography.
In parallel to his activities as a producer and director, he has realized as a photographer several exhibitions.
For more than thirty years he has been making long term reports on Parisian subjects such as the Paris Metro, Père Lachaise, the Petite ceinture, the Jardins du périphérique,
Paris-Beach or the Canal St Martin.

Nicholas Simenon
is a Swiss photographer. He graduated from Spéos in Paris in 2015 and from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New-York in 2019, he lives and works in Geneva.
Nicholas Simenon's work focuses mainly on street photography in black and white. His works deal with loneliness and isolation in big cities. The subjects that he presents through an aesthetic made of large deep shadows seem to play with an architectural environment of an almost threatening beauty.

Cliff Chan
is a French photographer. He graduated in 2017 from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts de Saint-Luc in Tournai, Belgium, and lives and works in Lille.
Attached to the themes of the body, the quest for self and time, his production is endowed with a strong poetic dimension. His current work leads him to photographic experiments through intimate moments of life fixed on film.
"With a look that is warm and contemporary, I try to weave a link between my subjects and a sensitive vision of my particular history. »

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