Eric Neveu : « Major Diversions »

The Exhibition

My photographs are only major detour of reality ....
I realize them according to my instinct with the insurance that they will not hurt the eyes and especially, that they can be read without a necessary explanation of text...
Finally, my photographs are conceived above all to be hung on the walls of a living room and not to be stored in a drawer or a shoebox.
They have the price of rarity...and that of my imagination...

Eric Neveu

Born in 1947 in Clermont-Ferrand, Eric Neveu was propelled into the art world at a very young age thanks to his collaboration, for 30 years, with one of the world's greatest experts and collectors of surrealist art, Daniel Filipacchi. Perceiving his aesthetic and artistic sensibility, this great magazine publisher quickly integrated him into the management of publishing houses dedicated essentially to art books on surrealism and American photorealism.
In 1979, Daniel Flipacchi asked him to move to New York to manage the public relations of Look Magazine. During his stay in the U.S.A., Eric Neveu met many artists. And then, one day the famous photographer Art Kane asked him to be his assistant for a reportage on Rod Stewart in concert in Chicago. This experience gave him the desire to become a professional photographer. Back in New York, he bought a small Yashica camera and took a series of 20 photographs of cars which, on his return to Paris, were exhibited.
In 1985 Daniel Filipacchi asked him to design a charm magazine whose concept was to be revolutionary: it was to be NEWLOOK, which was to be a worldwide success. The concept was simple: a mixture of charm photos and photographic reports of the type published in Stern or in the National Geographic Magazine.
For the past 10 years, Eric Neveu has devoted himself to "art" photography.
Today his works are part of important private collections. However, he modestly claims to be simply a manipulator of decorative images.

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