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The Exhibition

When Guy Bourreau saw the exhibition of Gary Winogrand's color photos in New York, he had the idea to search the archives of Guy Le Querrec, better known for his black and white photos, in search of color photos.

"Several days of viewing on the light table and a double feeling that animates me: the first, that of going through a photographer's life by finding, in color this time, some of the themes that made him famous, jazz of course, Brittany, Africa, the Mayol concert, but also by highlighting other little or less known themes that I propose you to discover in this exhibition The second one, the pleasure simply to have been right in sensing that Guy Le Querrec has the same powerful photographic writing (composition, framing, capture of movements ...) in color as in black and white and had been able to take into account the color component in each of these dimensions. This research of the photographic writing was at the base of the selection of the photographs presented. The good connoisseurs of Guy Le Querrec's work will find, in color this time, photographs that will remind them of their brothers in black and white, but they will also discover, with happiness I hope, many completely new photographs.
Guy Bourreau

Guy Le Querrec

Of Breton origins, but born in Paris on May 12, 1941, Guy Le Querrec began photography at the age of 14 and became a professional at 26. He started in a small advertising agency "Atelier 3" located on rue Daguerre in Paris.

In 1969, he was hired by Jeune Afrique as a photo reporter and head of the photo department. During 2 years, he travels through French-speaking Black Africa and the Maghreb countries. Then, in 1971, he joined the VU agency, directed by Pierre De Fenouÿl and the following year co-founded the Viva agency, which he left in 1975.

In 1976, he joined the Magnum agency for which he made numerous reports, on the Mayol Concert in Paris, on subjects in China, in Africa, on the Indians of North America. In 1998, he was awarded the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris.

Music, and particularly Jazz, which he has been involved with since the 1960s, occupies an important place in his work. His photographs constitute a regular and dense chronicle of the musicians' universe. He will go so far as to create jazz shows during the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles and participate in some thirty documentary films on jazz.

His training in jazz has influenced Guy Le Querrec's photography. He views everyday scenes as a musical score, played or activated by natural forces.

Le Querrec has also spent a great deal of time giving workshops and classes in France and other countries. He has regularly exhibited his work all over the world. In 2016, publication of the book " Guy Le Querrec en Bretagne ".

The Photographs

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